Can I NOT get a Whoop Whoop?

November 10, 2008

Well the cough stopped as the temps went up. Of course the last several days the weather has sucked..BIG TIME! So, of course, the cough is back bad as ever. He is coughing in his sleep. Corey decided cranked up the temp in the house to 70, so I of course cranked it to 72. Mind you we have all high efficiency utilities, and usually keep the house at 67, to keep Logo and Corey from sweating. Since I turned it up Logo has stopped coughing. I will try to get him in to the doctors office as soon as they open today. He is not going in to school and I am not going in to work. He didn’t sleep without coughing till I put the space heater in his room till after midnight last night. I was up in his room, putting together me Religion’s final, while he was coughing. I have an egging feeling that he is a Whooping Cough carrier, I think he doesn’t have the full out Whooping cough, I don’t ever get sick. If he does have, or is a carrier of Whooping cough I am going to go postal! Whooping cough was a thing of the past till the influx of non immunized people came to our country. I see, and respect the idea of not immunizing their kids, I am against Logan having to get the flu shot. BUT with the influx of those who come here illegally, the need to keep them safe from the basic viruses is vital IMO. I hear that the recent outbreak of Whooping cough came from Pooh Corner childcare. I know Minnesota had outbreaks in the last couple years. One set of those PC kids were in Minnesota before they got sick. Both kids got sick, their cousin, then aunt, who’s class has has 3 sick with the Whoop. Logan would be at least the 4th kids out of 15. Hmmmm…


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